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Re-Visit Your Wedding in Virtual Reality with Our Help from, Glasgow

When you immerse yourself in the virtual reality and 360° wedding videos we produce, you’ll be instantly transported back to your special day. Based in Glasgow, our professional videographers record VR weddings that add an entirely new dimension to the joy of reliving the experience.

Truly Innovative – Wholly Heart-Warming

Wedding Lives is proud to offer such a unique, forward-looking service. Standing at the fore-front of technology, we empower customers to re-experience their special day in the most vivid, evocative way possible.

How to Watch

The virtual reality experiences we record are best viewed using virtual reality glasses. These must be purchased separately and are available from a number of retailers, Because we record 360° video footage, you are still able to enjoy this unique experience without glasses. See the example video to below to discover how 360° video recording could capture your wedding, putting anyone who relives it into the heart of the occasion.

Make sure the video is set to highest possible youtube setting

Commissioning a VR Wedding

The virtual reality and 360° video services we offer may be purchased as an extra on top of your chosen package. Alternatively, you may select a package that includes virtual reality and 360° video as standard. Please note that virtual reality and 360° video recording may not be purchased on their own.

Proven Professionals

Friendly and approachable, the team at Weddings Live is looking forward to enjoying your day right alongside you. With more than 5 years of experience within the wedding videography industry, we have the knowledge and resources needed to ensure the final product is impeccable. At Weddings Live, we see every wedding as unique and treat each client as an individual. That means we’ll adapt our services and packages to meet your needs to the netter.

Contact us today, in Glasgow, to learn more about the 360° wedding video and VR weddings we produce.

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